For the Technical Excellence of CompuPharaohs, the company has been awarded many award during the last couple of years. This Include:

MS Egypt’s ...
MS Egypt Be...
Best Educat...
Microsoft 2...

A- Microsoft Egypt’s Top Technology Contributors of the Year : FY07

B- Microsoft Top Application of the Year: 2008 Server Launch.

C- Microsoft 2008 Launch Hero.

D- Microsoft Worldwide Global Top Business Intelligence BI Application of the Year Semifinalists (Top 20 Worldwide).

E- Microsoft Egypt’s Best Partner’s Public Sector Technical. Microsoft Egypt's Top Education Sector Partner of the Year As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, CompuPharaohs hold formally, four technical competencies:


- Business Intelligence Solutions Competency.
- Customized Solutions Development Competency.
- Networking Infrastructure Solutions Competency.
- Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Competency.